Buy car insurance for one week
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Yes, you can buy car insurance for one single week!

Buying car insurance for 1 week is no longer a problem, in fact you can buy it for any period you like, between a single day and four weeks. Cover is comprehensive, and even includes European travel throughout the countries of the EEC; this European cover is third-party only as standard, but can be increased to comprehensive cover for a small extra premium.

Quotes from this site are provided by short term car insurance specialists Sky Insurance Services Group Ltd* who offer a 'cheapest price' guarantee. As usual there are terms and conditions. Insurance companies are notoriously cagey about giving out their precise qualifications regarding what they will or will not accept, but the following are general guidelines;

Qualifying for a policy

Driving licences

Full licences must have been held for at least a year and issued in one of the following countries:

Buying your policy

Buying a policy is simplicity itself, and the whole process is carried out online. The application form is simple and short, and a quotation can be obtained with the minimum of formalities although it is necessary to have your driving licence details and the registration details of the car you wish to cover, in order to buy a policy. Once the policy has been purchased you are automatically sent a link from which you can download such essential documents as the insurance certificate, and it is advisable to print this out immediately in case it is ever necessary to produce it.

1 week car insurance used to be virtually impossible to buy; but now you can arrange it seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, at any time of day or night from the comfort of your own armchair.

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